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Samara Serotkin has been providing therapy and coaching to clients using a mindfulness-based approach for over 20 years. Samara’s work also focuses on the relationship between mindfulness, creativity, and self-actualization. Her most recent book is Mindful Willpower: Powerful Mindfulness Practices to Increase Self-Control, Get Focused, and Build Good Habits.
  • Healing Through Grief

The Thousand Goodbyes: Healing Through Grief

Many years ago, I was recovering from a breakup of a long-term relationship. I had no regrets about the relationship ending, but that didn’t change the fact that I was also experiencing waves of grief over the loss of my old life, as well as the future I had been expecting to live.  Experiencing loss is something all of humanity has in common. Everything, absolutely everything changes. The only stable thing we can truly count on [...]

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Diamonds And Insight: Mindfully Setting Intentions In The New Year

Diamonds And Insight: Mindfully Setting Intentions In The New Year. 2020 was a year like none other. It’s so easy to want to put a big red X through the whole year and move on as quickly as we can. Time Magazine did just that, in fact, on its cover in mid-December. But hang on for a moment! That would be such a tragedy! Yes. A lot of terrible things happened this year. So much injustice [...]

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Hi. I’m glad you’re here. Thanks for visiting. My name is Samara. Welcome to! Let me tell you a little bit about how this website came to be. Most of my previous writing was published on my clinical website, Focus and Thrive. I am a licensed and practicing psychologist who believes that my personal opinions and beliefs, for the most part, don’t belong in my relationship with clients. And so I have limited my writing [...]

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